mah bookmarks♡♡♡

these are all of my bookmarks! (when I get new ones i'll post 'em)
(all our blogs not included)
.myspace (you all know what myspace is)
.gmail (where I get my email)
.paranormal state ryan's blog (this is awesome! well, if your a fan of paranormal state)
.paranormal research society (the club that started it all ^_^)
.paranormal state (the t.v show's website)
.the real simpson's house! (nuff said)
.photo bucket (where I get pics for my blog!)
.kitten war! (hut 2,3,4 HUT 2,3,4 ALL CUTE KITTENS MOOOOOOOOOOVE OUT!)
.puppy war (not as good as kitten war but still cute :3)
.pet finder (good website for trying to find what ever animal you want in your area)
.craigs list (i go here for the pets, but you can do what ever)
.baby names (this is really good for naming people in books, or drawings, or just seeing what your name means!)
.cute overload! (the name is quite literal, there is just too much cuteness!)
.youtube (so many videos like fred!)
.etsy (a lovely website filled with home-made goods for sale! by the way, they have twilight stuff!)
.witch on the go (cool wiccan website. if you go, check out wicca 101 for info about wicca)
.cruchyroll (all the anime you will ever need! *sniff* exept rozen maiden *sob* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA!
.fred figglehorn (ya know fred from the fred videos? well, this is his website!)
.I♡EGG (you must listen to the egg song! it will brighten your day instantly!)
.tokidoki! (eh, risa does this appeal to you????)
and lastly
.queen of dorks! (the cutest darn things!)