did you get a creepy phone call from (218)-253-9898?????

if the answer is yes then you are one of the many many  cell phone users to get called. all i know is that the 218 area code is from Minnisota (or how ever you spell it) and its a hacked cell phone so thats why if you tried to call it back it would say " i'm sorry the number you have reached has been disconnected bladi blah blah. " also if you picked up and it was a deep voiced spanish man speaking thats because its a recorded voice. not to worry its no one dangerous probably just some geeky lowlife, an art student, or a very smart teenager. (probably not the last one.)


ST.TRINIANS RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &_^

st.trinans is the awsomestest movie evar eets sew cool but it only came out in england :{  and its fantabulous uhh soo yeah  x_X