Great tv shows GONE!

I am sick and tired of awsome tv shows being cancelled like my so called life,freaks and geeks,undeclared,buffy the vampire slayer,veronica mars,eerie indiana,party of five,ect.

sure there are still some good shows on still but for how long,how long before its ONLY 
stupid crap about rich people living in L.A or miami or were ever those snobs live?
wouldn't you rather watch a show about a a** kickin' girl who fights vampires and is
a great image for how fighting like a girl is a good thing(buffy the vampire slayer)than
a show about stupid rich b****s who have no life and the highlight of their days are
talking about who kissed who,who punched who and so on, how is that interesting?
(gossip girl) And kids have no good shows either,how about hannah montana every one
treats her like a god but she if she didn't have a tv show and some albums she would be 
nothing more than a slut with a famous dad.
well this has been my rant on television   see ya -myra



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re: Your Brains

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ME LOVE TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT SOOOO MUCH! IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN dare i say it? harry...potter.... i am sorry but this is the best hackin book EVER!!!!!!  HP (harry potter) lovers will love this book,vampire lovers will love this book,everyone in their right mind will LOVE this book.