New updated "My kids' names"

I would like you all to know that due to your negligent posting behavior, Foncy guy, Fincy guy, and Foncy girl have all killed themselves.
So thank you very much.
Onto the post...................
This is my new updated version of what I'm naming my kids.
I will have two girls: Buffy and Columbia
I will have one boy named Ezra.
That is all.


Anyone interested in learning about Wicca?

If anyone is interested in knowing about Wicca, I'd be more than happy to tell you about it. Send me an email, call me, or post a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Exam tomorrow 9_9

Oh god, I'm so nervous, I have my Wicca exam tomorrow, I've been studying ALL day, but I'm still worried, wish me luck!


Hilarious Buffy and Twilight mashup

Oh my god, it's so funny, I cried because I laughed so hard.



I made some layouts for blogs today, email me if you need help installing them.

You like?

So, do you like the new layout?????? I think it's pretty fan-frickin-tastic if I do say so myself...


The Wiggins' blog is finished!!!!

Here is the link,
Not to shabby, yeah?


Wiggins update

I'm working on a blog for The Wiggins right now..........I'll post a link when it's ready.


200TH POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my 200th post!!!!!!!!!!! To celebrate, here's another FLCL amv!! This time with paper planes.

Hey boy -The Blow FLCL amv!!!!!!!!!!!!

As some of you know, I am pretty obsessed with the anime FLCL, my new favorite is The Blow, so when I saw this I screamed with joy. So now, I'm posting it here.


Witchy Buisness.

I'm taking this Wicca online training thing, and when I finish it (end of the year), I'll be a certified 1st degree witch! I'm taking the class from Magicka School, I'm doing a 12 month training, and a 20 week Tarot card class as well, oh and it's all FREE! It's really cool and fun. If you have any questions about Magicka School or Wicca in general, contact me.


Man Gets Tazed, Mocks Cops, and Gets Away


F.G & F.G UPDATE!!!!!!

Meet Foncy girl!!!!!!!!!! ϑ_ϑ
to use her, just copy and paste, or (for macs) go Edit, special characters, then greek.


Foncy guy is back, and with some new rules!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the rules:
You should post every 4 days, BUT, if you don't have anything to post about, don't post at all, this means no "I have nothing to post about" posts. It is mandatory that you post at least once a week.

Fincy guy rules:
Fincy guy requires you to have a post with, a picture, a link, or a video at least once a week.

That's all for now,



Here are some random Buffy things......
Cool blog of Ben)
BTVS animated series pic......
OH!!! I'm getting my cell phone today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Post more about that later.



YAY! Saffy's blythe is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so cute!!!!!!!!!! I have a wig for her and I have a plan for how I wanna dye it, but I need Saffy's opinion. Sooooooooooooooo yes............I'll post pics when I'm done with her. YAY!


Cute bunny dress up game

I think I'm obsessed with dress up games......
Find more free online flash games at

Edward dress up game!

Vampire dress up game!


New Fred video!!!!! Very funny!


Saffy's Blythe is on her way!!!!!!!!!

Here's a picture, she's gonna need some work, Like new eyeshadow (if wanted by Saffy) new lashes (also if wanted, I've seen some adorable blythes that didn't have eyelashes) the scalp is in the mail, we're also gonna need to pick out a wig.....but after going under the knife again, she'll be fan-friking-tastic!


Preachin' to the lord baby!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!! You have to watch this!!!!! It's a baby preacher!!!!!!!!


Couple things..........

1. Foncy guy has given all of us sick days. Sick days will allow us not to post when we are feeling as shitty as I am now.

2. I need a theme for my B-day party. Please vote (by commenting) whether I should have a 'Vampire club themed party" OR a Blythe party.

3. Well there really is no three since I have nothing more to say, but then again I guess there is a three since I'm typing in it right now..........


..........I have nothing to post about.........

Uhhhhhhhhh, what should I post about??? Hmmmmmmm......... I'll just say a bunch of random things............uhhhhh, I'm helping Saffy get a blythe is my mom's birth day..............I acted like a real A-hole in class yesterday and I'm very sorry about that..............uhhhhhhhhhhhh here's a cute picture of Mattie....


I really want to go to the portland rock camp!!!!!!!!

If I went I'd be completely star struck. First off Beth Ditto would be there..........

Plus Carrie Brownstein from Sleater kinney


Pictures from the blythe meet!!!

Gina was so nice!!!! Here are some pics of all the dollies!!!
Chicago blythe meet
Chicago blythe meet
Chicago blythe meet
Chicago blythe meet
Chicago blythe meet



YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!! The meet is only two days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, (Biiiiiiiiiiiiig bonus) Gina Garan is going to be there!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!! If you don't know who Gina Garan is, then you just don't love blythe enough and need to do some major research! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh!! And my new blythe will probably be here by the meet!!!


My kids's names

So Saffy inspired me to update my names list. Here we go:
Buffy (this is a must)
William (but his nickname would be spike)

Go Go Go!



CCC names

Vote on which ones you like best!!!!

Can can can you do the can can?

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting a Can Can Cat Blythe doll!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! I'm gonna do a post tomorrow about names I'm considering. If you don't know what she looks like just google can can cat blythe doll.


................I think this is a cult........

never mind, I KNOW it's a cult!

GAAAAH!!!!!!!!! It's so scary when the letters are flashing!!!!!!


I wanna see this so badly!!!!!!!!!



So, the person I was going to buy Tweedly doo from said she sold her already. But, I am going to buy something much better........A KENNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is one on ebay that is currently 70 bucks (+shipping) she has one day left on her so I'm going to wait until tomorrow night to bid. YAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!


Tweedly it is!

I decided I'm gonna get Tweedly Doo!!!!! Your votes mean NOTHING to me now!!! mwahahahahaha!!!!!! Lol, just kidding.

Which blythe should I get????

birdie blue
Tweedly doo
So, I'm selling my laptop, and I was gonna get a Blythe, and this person on the forum is selling tweedly do and birdie blue, she is selling them for $60 each (both are worth around $200) so I wanted your advice, which one should I get????? ( p.s their being sold nude so don't let their clothes reflect on your vote)


New fred videos! ............finally!

Ok, before I show you the videos I need to tell you why I haven't posted in so long............I have cat scratch fever (or maybe strep throat) Oh, and facebook disabled my account because I didn't use my real name!!! Well here are the videos


Paloma, Tallulah, what to do with your hair.....

1. (I think I'm gonna get this one for Tallulah)
So instead of giving Paloma and Tallulah Re-roots, I'm going to sew Blythe wigs on they're scalps (Oh my god! that sounds like torture!) but I can't decide which ones to buy. Here are the ones I like, tell me which ones you like for which girl. Thanks!


Quick post

Riffy and I are going to the Ally tomorrow!!!! Oh!!! And Foncy guy news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Foncy guy has a brother!!!!!! Fincy guy (or something like that) he is INSANE and from now on, if you don't post, not only will Foncy guy sally you, Fincy guy will torture you and make you crazy!!!!! He looks like this •_❜
Ciao! ♡_♡



I seriously have nothing to post about! So, I've decided to just babble.......
Louise, Risa and I are planning a most excellent scheme, I cant say what....but will be grand.
Louise, Risa and I had a sleep over last night, we watched buffy.
Meh, that's all really...... I mean, there is another thing..but......I cannot type it.....such a disgrace...such a disgusting disgrace!


Nufin to post about............

Ladidadada! I don't have anything to post about, so I'll just tell you some random stuffs:
I can play 3 hole songs (Violet, Miss world, Doll parts)
My fingers hurt as I'm typing, because all of last night and all of this morning was spent playing guitar. So now my fingers are raw.
Oh and Riffy A.B.C, YOU NEED TO POST!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NOT POSTED IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tallulah the Kozy Kape!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought a new blythe!!!!!!!! She's a Kozy Kape and is really cute!!!! here are some pictures of Kozy Kapes ^u^
sorry I can't find any stock photos of the outfit she's wearing underneath her cape, but it's really cute! It would be awesome for the 80's dance!

Hmmm........maybe I am obsessed......Nah, I'm deffinatly obsessed

So, this may sound kinda crazy, but, every single night I dream the same thing, well...not exactly the same thing, the same people and theme though.....I always dream about Buffy the vampire slayer!! Just the other night I had a dream that Kelly Ann was holding auditions for a musical (the dream took place after dracula was over) and the people who were auditioning for the singing parts were Buffy, Cordelia, Athena, and I. XD Not much else happened except in the end, only Buffy and I got a singing part....


A couple of things I want from hot topic

This would look awesome with the green skirt!!

this looks kinda slutty on the model ('cause she's acting slutty) but I like it. It reminds me of dracula.
Hahahaha! I love this!

This looks like the skirt Amu wears 'cept if she was in slytherin :3

This is from the movie The Rocker (which was really funny)