Nufin to post about............

Ladidadada! I don't have anything to post about, so I'll just tell you some random stuffs:
I can play 3 hole songs (Violet, Miss world, Doll parts)
My fingers hurt as I'm typing, because all of last night and all of this morning was spent playing guitar. So now my fingers are raw.
Oh and Riffy A.B.C, YOU NEED TO POST!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE NOT POSTED IN 6 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tallulah the Kozy Kape!!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought a new blythe!!!!!!!! She's a Kozy Kape and is really cute!!!! here are some pictures of Kozy Kapes ^u^
sorry I can't find any stock photos of the outfit she's wearing underneath her cape, but it's really cute! It would be awesome for the 80's dance!

Hmmm........maybe I am obsessed......Nah, I'm deffinatly obsessed

So, this may sound kinda crazy, but, every single night I dream the same thing, well...not exactly the same thing, the same people and theme though.....I always dream about Buffy the vampire slayer!! Just the other night I had a dream that Kelly Ann was holding auditions for a musical (the dream took place after dracula was over) and the people who were auditioning for the singing parts were Buffy, Cordelia, Athena, and I. XD Not much else happened except in the end, only Buffy and I got a singing part....


A couple of things I want from hot topic

This would look awesome with the green skirt!!

this looks kinda slutty on the model ('cause she's acting slutty) but I like it. It reminds me of dracula.
Hahahaha! I love this!

This looks like the skirt Amu wears 'cept if she was in slytherin :3

This is from the movie The Rocker (which was really funny)

random update.....again...

I'm getting my double piercing in the next two weeks. Censored Anarchy will be playing a show on memorial weekend at the opening of a giant(brace yourselves 'cause this is gonna get really funny) Whole foods!! XD Hahahahahahaha!!!! So.... yeah (gawd I hate saying that, but I do it all the time. It's an easy way to wrap up a conversation though)


HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!! Trader joe's song!!

you gotta watch this!!!!! It's a video this guy made as a fake commercial for trader joe's. Sooooo funny!!!!!


HRMMMMMM........ what to post about.... what-to-post....

Uhhhhhhhh....... I really do NOT know what to post about........Urrrrhhhhhgggg..........Hum-dee-dum-dum.....let us take a look-see......hmmmm......Oh, I'm going to get an agent soon....sooo that's somthing.....Uhhhmmmmm.........I'm going to get my nose pierced soon......I'm probably gonna get my own gun (piercing gun)...........I'm also gonna get my double........soooooo yeah, sorry for being so boring......


When I first saw this, I thought it was a joke!

It is so terrible! and so funny!


Kid on drugs (After dentist)

This is so funny!!!!!!! oh my god!!!



songs I can play on guitar

Violet -Hole (I sadly can only find live videos)

Miss world -Hole

seven nation army -The white stripes (this is a real music video. this one kinda reminds me of the shut up and let me go music video....)

I can also play the bass line to wild thing, and I used to be able to play smoke on the water but I forgot it.....