ok, so I've been having this really weird dream (I like them but it's still weird) i'm not sure if I should say "this" because there all different, but the characters are always the same: a pack of atleast 40 emoish punk teenagers living by themselves in an abandoned mansion but none of them have names, they probably do have names, but they never address eachother by a name more like "hey" or "you" i'm going to find names for them because i've grown to love each and every one of them (in a family sort of way). the main people that I hang out with in the dream are two girls one with a higher voice than the others and one with a lower voice not manly just a lower feminine voice,and one boy, the boy is dating the girl with the lower voice. they are all extremely nice, I mostly hang out with the girl with the lower voice and her boyfriend, but sometimes the girl with the higher voice will sometimes pop in and join the conversation. but every time in the begining its just a normal dream,but somehow in the end i always end up at there house. the first time I had this dream was last saturday and in that dream i was at the park with fran and all of a sudden they all arrived in a swarm and I was standing next to this ladder and the girl with the low voice climbed up the ladder,looked at me then walked away,the boy followed.then the next day in my dream the girl with the low voice invited me to her house, and I've been going there everyday since then. I dont know if these dreams are trying to tell me something, I think I will write a book about them for I never want to lose them. every day I will post about the dream I had.



Princess Jellyfish said...

Woah.. That is cool and weird

Matilda Fitz-Reed said...

Gosh Myra ur so selfish... havin all the cool dreams didnt ur mom eva teach u to share lols jk

Princess Jellyfish said...

Did you stop dreaming about them? 'cause you haven't posted any more about them. Also, you should write a book about them.