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So, the focus on this post is HORROR MOVIES!!!! I'll be talking about them, rating them, I'll even give you a taste of MY horror movie, so lets get started!
So I'll start with just horror movies in general,
personally I LOVE THEM! I thought that I would be terrified by them, but I'm like immune to it, I saw frickin' Halloween (the new "scarier" one) and was not phased by it at all I feel very lucky that I don't have to live in fear because of a scary movie. NOW FOR RATINGS!!!
(*blank*=not scary at all, and quite suckish, ☆= creepy at parts but not nightmare worthy, ☆☆=creepy, ☆☆☆= pretty hackin' scary, ☆☆☆☆= too much for me)
.The exorcist<span class=exorsist Pictures, Images and Photos" border="0"> ☆ not scary I didn't even flinch, it was really good though, I mean, I could tell at parts that it would scare most people but......I don't think of it as a horror movie.
.Halloween ResurrectionHalloween Pictures, Images and Photos ☆☆ Though I did not see the whole movie, I could tell it was good, I started watching right when everyone was getting killed and although many people have constant nightmares of Michael myers, he stayed out of my head.
.tremors ☆☆ now THIS movie made me jump. after watching this movie I don't think I can ever walk on sand again. the only parts that made me jump were reasonable: when the guy's torn off head is found under his hat laying on the ground with a bunch of dismembered sheep and when the creepy snake thing jumped out of the ground without warning.

now as most of you know I had a very disturbing dream nearly a year ago about a psycho-killer old lady that goes by the name Mrs.Dudd. well I'm taking my nightmare to the next level..........SCARY MOVIE!!!!!!! I'm still unsure who I should pitch it to, if you have any ideas please post them I need all the help I can get. for those of you who don't know about Mrs.Dudd she is a character in a dream of mine who kills you then makes you kill your parents, but that's not all she kills you in gruesome ways like beheading, brain removal etc. (Mrs.Dudd is copy-righted so don't steal it or you'll get sued!) she also favors insanity as torture for her victims, she makes you feel claustrophobic and lost, by doing this she separates you from your friends so she can kill you easier. her house consists of many many pictures of her victims which adds to the insanity torture.
I'll be sure to post more horror movie ratings in future posts!


Princess Jellyfish said...

Mrs. Dud. Mrs. Dud. Dressed in my blood. I am kinda sorta working on a horror novel.... But, it is really disturbing me that I thought it up...X_x