GS camping

Well, girl scout camping was a bust, with stupid jack-ass Phoebe running her mouth 'til FIVE IN THE MORNING I got absolutely
NO sleep! and extremely frightening Camile jumping on pickles, shoving pretty much everyone, nearly throwing a sleeping bag at riffy-alice, and crying over a finger knitted scarf sucked as well. To no surprise the seniors were well, mega sluts. skit night was worse than EVER! it keeps getting worse and worse! and to top it all off, Angelina sang a song she "wrote" (she just changed the words a little) also, riffy-alice had to ride home in a different car :'( AND we had to sleep on the floor! making this the WORST camping trip ever!
there were some good things though:
1. I was in a caper with riffy-alice!
2.riffy and I got to go in the woods by our selves.
sadly thats pretty much it. since the camping trip sucked so much please enjoy these tokidoki pics!


Riffy Dess Cullen said...

Ah, so that's where you guys were. Blah, sounds awful. Who's Phoebe? I hate Girl Scouts. XP

®iffy-Alice CullenXxX™ said...

I will tell you who *Twitch* Phoebe *Twitch* is.... *TWITCH* *Punches the air, then strangles the air*