Hmmmmmmm interesting

HMMMMMM............this is very interesting...... (IF YOU ARE RISA OR MATILDA DO NOT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Is it possible for tadase

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and utau
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to have some possible chemistry?????? Here's my theory they will both let go of the one they love most (amu & ikuto) and fall in love with each-other the reasons why this could work are simple:
1. they both (tadase and utau) said similar things Utau said to amu, I will never loose to you, tadase said to ikuto, I will never loose ANYTHING to you. so as you can see very similar.
2. the two people who have been their love interests in the past season are slowly (but surely) falling in love with each-other, leaving them all alone.......
I don't know maybe I'm wrong (and so obsessed with SC that I'm starting to make things up) but it is possible, and the Amuto fantasy is DEFINITELY possible (cross our fingers for them)
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Princess Jellyfish said...

I don't think so, I can see RimaxTadase but. not Utau-sama, They don't really have anything in common. Tadase is such a little kid and Utau is so..not.