Blah, don't know what to post about

Well I had an Idea but I forgot It :( so instead I'll just copy louise, kusukusukusu!
Things I would like to major in:
1.Para-psychology, This is probably the most likely major for me, as it is what I am most interested in and best at, and dedicated to......
2.Science major in natural selection, although I love studying natural selection, majoring in this would most likely involve getting a doctorates just to get a good position at some science place..or whatever.....maybe not...but lots of math...
3.Acting, although I have seriously thought this one over, I can't stand the crazies! and as my mom (acting major) has informed me, there are TONS of crazies in acting school. soooo this may not be the best choice for me.
4.Zoologist, this has been my dream since I could talk, but now, not so much..... I would not be able to dissect little piggies and little froggies and other little animals.
5.Music, UHGG! the problem with this is that there would be so much THEORY!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I mean theory is not that bad at guitar class, but that is once a week, I could not stand to have to study theory EVERYDAY!!!! matter what I choose to major in, I have one weeiiiird future ahead of me.